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The practice is closed.

Dr. Magone has accepted a position at the National Naval Medical Center and will not be available to see patients at her Georgetown Practice. 

For information on other ophthalmologists and to schedule appointment with other providers at Georgetown University Medical Center, please call the Department of Ophthalmology at 202-444-7245.




About the picture:  The eye of Horus (Falcon god) also called Oudjat or Wedjat, is the left lunar eye which originates from the struggle between Horus and his brother Seth. In this fight, Horus loses his left eye which is taken by Seth, but then Horus acquires spiritual sight, the eye of light. The eye was later healed by Thoth and returned to Horus and then called “the Oudjat“. It was a symbol of the power of the God of light, and therefore a popular amulet for protection and good luck. The eye of Horus was also used as a protection against the evil eye.